Devices may be secured to 3/16″ vinyl-coated stainless steel mooring lines using MC-600 Instrument Mooring Clamps.

1. Identify the location on the mooring line where the clamp will be placed.

Note: The clamp/sensor assembly should be positioned so that there is slack in the sensor cable when the instrument is secured. The entire weight of the assembly MUST be carried by the stainless steel mooring line to avoid straining the sensor cable.


Figure 1: Position Clamp and Sensor


2. Cut (2) strips of electrical tape about 3-4″ in length and wrap them around the mooring line so that the clamp grips onto the line. Place the strips so that they are in between the slots in the clamp where the cable ties will sit. Open the clamp by removing the (4) hex head screws with an allen wrench (the tool provided with SDL500 data loggers can be used) and place the line into the clamp, making sure it is secure and does not slide easily.


Figure 2: Electrical Tape Positioned on Mooring Line


3. Tighten the (4) hex cap screws through the back of the clamp. Check to make sure the clamp is fixed firmly in place and does not slide.


Figure 3: Tighten Clamp on Mooring Line


4. For additional resistance to sliding, apply a thick layer of electrical tape directly above and below the clamp.


Figure 4: Apply More Tape to Prevent Sliding


5. Run the provided cable ties through the slots in the clamp, and place the instrument onto the clamp.


Figure 5: Run Cable Ties through Clamp


6. Secure the cable ties tightly around the instrument. Use additional neoprene rubber around the instrument to increase the grip strength if necessary.


Figure 6: Finished Installation


REV 14G23

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