Deployment pipe extensions are easily fitted to the built-in sensor deployment pipes on CB-series buoys to provide extra protection for sensitive monitoring equipment. The 912M deployment pipe is a 2” Schedule 80 PVC pipe section that attaches to the sensor pass-throughs of the CB-150 data buoy. The 914M deployment pipe is a 4” Schedule 80 PVC pipe section for use with CB-450 buoys and larger CB-950 & CB-1250 buoys if a 6″ to 4″ reducer is used. The bottoms of the 912M and 914M pipes are fitted with a stop bolt to keep sensors in place.

914 Deployment Pipe

Figure 1: 914M Deployment Pipe


To attach a 912M or 914M deployment pipe:

1. Lay the buoy on its side and thread the deployment pipe into one of the available pass-through sensor tubes. Take caution to avoid cross-threading of the adapter.  Also make sure the built-in deployment pipes do not rotate inside the buoy hull.

2. It is recommended that a strap wrench be used to tighten the deployment pipe another quarter to full-turn past hand-tight during installation.

3. It is always advised to secure a backup tether between the buoy  and the deployment pipe as well as the buoy and the sensor to protect them in the event the pipe becomes damaged or dislodged.


CB-400S with 914 Deployment Pipe

Figure 2: CB-Series Buoy with Deployment Pipe Attached




REV: 14H15

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