Personnel safety should be the number one priority when deploying a buoy. It is essential to use the proper equipment (work boat, lifting rig, etc.) to deploy any buoy system. Buoy systems are heavy and personnel can quickly become entangled with mooring lines and anchors. Safety and flotation gear should be worn at all times when working on or near the water.

Buoys are very heavy. Take care to lift properly and wear necessary lifting gear (e.g., back braces). Always wear gloves when handling buoys to protect hands as the buoy may have sharp edges or points. Three people are required for safe lifting.

Adverse weather conditions, water level fluctuations, currents and wave action, debris loads, and other factors can cause entanglement of mooring lines, submersion of the buoy, and damage to sensors and other components. NexSens does not endorse any particular mooring strategy for any application unless the end user performs a thorough review of the site conditions with the NexSens engineering team.

Remember to perform a complete system test on shore before deployment. Communication and sensor issues are much easier to troubleshoot before the buoy is in the water.


REV: 13C01

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