CB-series data buoys may be equipped with a battery harness and solar regulator assembly inside the data well. The battery capacity (and thus the model of the battery harness) varies depending on the buoy model. The available options by buoy are as follows:

CB-150: CB-A01-2 battery harness includes (2) A01 8.5 A-Hr batteries

CB-450: CB-A05-1, (1) A05 28 A-Hr battery or CB-A05-2, (2) A05 28 A-Hr batteries

CB-650: CB-A05-2, (2) A05 28 A-Hr batteries or CB-A05-3, (3) A05 28 A-Hr batteries

CB-950: CB-A05-2, (2) A05 28 A-Hr batteries or CB-A05-3, (3) A05 28 A-Hr batteries

CB-1250: CB-A05-2, (2) A05 28 A-Hr batteries or CB-A05-3, (3) A05 28 A-Hr batteries

To install or replace a CB-A0x-x battery/regulator harness into the buoy data well, follow these steps (CB-150 buoy shown):

1. Remove the solar lid from the buoy.

2. Use a 9/16″ socket/wrench to remove the lid from the data well.


Figure 1: Remove Data Well Lid


3. Set the battery/batteries into the bottom of the data well. Secure them in place using the rectangular and crescent-shaped foam cutouts. Insert the standoffs onto the threaded rod sections.


Figure 2: Place Batteries, Foam and Standoffs


4. Place the bracket onto the threaded rod. Install the flat washers, lock washers and nuts onto the rods (in that order) and secure tightly. Connect the battery leads onto the A01 batteries as shown in Figure 3 (red to red, black to black). Also place a desiccant pack into the data well.


Figure 3: Install Bracket


5. Place the foam ring into the data well with the gray power cord coming up through the center.


Figure 4: Place Foam Ring


6. Run the power cable through the small hole in the center of the circular foam piece.

7. Reference the breakout drawing in Figure 5 for more information. Note that the foam cutouts are not included in the drawing.

CB-Series Data Well

Figure 5: Breakout Drawing of Data Well


8. See the article on CB-Series Data Buoy Wiring & Device Connections to connect the battery pack into the data well plate and other devices placed within the data well.



REV 15B17


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