The M550-P-Y pole-mount LED beacon is a common accessory sold with CB-series data buoys. The M550 beacon is a self-contained system with internal battery and solar panel and does not require any electrical connections to the data buoy platform. For CB-150 and CB-450 data buoy systems, the beacons are not mounted to the buoy top plate prior to shipment in order to protect them while in transit. Upon receiving the buoy systems, mount the beacons using the following process:

1. Unpack the M550-P-Y beacon and remove the provided screw, washer and lock washer from the bottom of the pole mount.


Figure 1: Unpack M550 Beacon


2. Use a 9/16″ socket or crescent wrench to remove the (3) screws that secure the top plate/RTU assembly from the top of the buoy. Do NOT remove the screws holding the RTU communications module onto the top plate.


Figure 2: Remove Mounting Screws


3. Carefully lift the plate and RTU assembly out of the buoy and set on its side. Place the pole mount over one of the 3/8″ holes in the top plate (smaller holes in Figure 2). Run the screw removed from the pole in Step 1 upward through the plate and thread it into the pole.


Figure 3: Mount Pole on Top Plate


4. Use a 9/16″ socket or crescent wrench to tighten the screw securely. The lock washer should be flat when it is fully tightened.


Figure 4: Tighten Mounting Screw


For additional information on the M550 LED beacon, reference the manual at the following link:



REV 14J30

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