Updating Diagnostic Settings

A display of the diagnostic parameters for the data logger is located below the sensor parameter graphs on the dashboard page. Through the Diagnostic Settings menu, the display units and precision can be set as desired. Additionally diagnostic parameters can be hidden from sight or plotted similarly to sensor parameters.

Diagnostic data display


Display Icons

The icons next to each diagnostic parameter allow the user to ascertain the relative condition of each at a glance. Note that the thresholds dictating the display icon selection are user-adjustable. Due to a wide variety of possible system configurations (power sources, integrated sensors etc.), the default ranges may or may not be appropriate for a given system. As such, yellow or red icons do not always indicate a system issue. Once nominal conditions for the system have been established, it is recommended these thresholds be updated accordingly.

  • The green icon with the check mark indicates to the user that the data is within the currently set range.
  • The yellow icon with the exclamation point indicates to the user that the data is on the lower, or upper-end of the currently configured thresholds for that parameter.
  • The red icon with the exclamation point indicates that the diagnostic data value is outside of the currently configured threshold.

Diagnostic Data icons



Diagnostic Settings Menu

Access the Diagnostic Settings menu by clicking the gear icon located to the top right of the diagnostic data display.

Accessing Diagnostic settings


Diagnostic Settings Features

The Sensor and Parameter settings are displayed below. This menu gives the user several options such as:


Sensor and Parameter tab in diagnostic settings


  •  Hiding or displaying individual parameters.
    • Hiding a parameter will remove it from the diagnostic parameter display
  • Converting measurements to different units.
  • Changing the displayed precision of each data point.
    • This will change the amount of digits displayed after the decimal point.
  • Graphing the data
    • Selecting this option will graph the diagnostic parameter along with the sensor graphical displays.

Graphical display of processor power diagnostic parameter


  • Setting the minimum and maximum (Sensormin and Sensormax) values for each parameter has two effects.
    • This sets the thresholds which the Display Icons draw upon.
    • If the graph feature is selected, this will fix the y-axis scaling.

Cell Status parameter unfiltered


  • Checking the Filter box omitts data points that lie outside the set minimum and maximum values.
    • This will completely remove the outliers from the graph.


Filtered cell status parameter


Once the desired changes are made, click SAVE.