Show/Hide Project Parameters

Although all parameters for a sensor and data logger are important, the project dashboard can become cluttered if every parameter is displayed. This issue can be avoided by enabling and disabling desired parameters in the Parameter Settings tab.

  1. To enable or disable project parameters, go to the ADMIN | Settings tab found at the top of the project dashboard.

ADMIN | Settings menu.


  1. Click on the Parameters Settings tab. Under this tab is a list of the sites within the project. Click on the site and the logger that needs changes to its parameter settings.

Enable and disable project parameters within the Parameters Settings tab.


  1. Scroll down to the Sensor and Parameter settings and select either Enable (show) or Disable (hide) for each parameter by clicking the drop-down box to the left of the parameter names.

In this example, the pressure parameter for the PT-500 has been disabled (“hidden”) within the project.


Dashboard display before the parameter was disabled.

Dashboard display after the parameter was disabled.


  1. Once the desired changes are made, click SAVE at the bottom of the Parameters Settings display. Go back to the dashboard to ensure that the graphical display for the parameter has been hidden from view.