Dashboard Modules

Custom WQData LIVE Dashboards presently support the following modules. The basic structure of each module is explained below, along with a screenshot of their appearance for reference:

Custom Dashboard Module list



Project Overview

Displays any text that is currently entered for the project within the Overview section of  the Admin|Settings|Project/Site|Project menu.

Project Overview module.



Project Disclaimer

Displays any text that is currently entered for the project within the Disclaimer section of the Admin|Settings|Project/Site|Project menu.

Project Disclaimer module.



Project Picture

Displays the project picture file configured in the Picture section of the Admin|Settings|Project/Site|Project menu.

Project Picture module.



Map w/interactive graph

Displays a project map. Site markers, when selected, list the lastest data from all assigned data loggers. Selecting any of these parameters from the list plots them on the line graph below the map.

Map w/Interactive Graph module.



All Sites w/interactive graph

Displays a list of all sites and their associated data loggers and parameters for a project. Selecting any parameter from the list will plot the data in a line graph.

All Sites w/Interactive Graph module.



Site Description

Displays any text that is currently entered for the specified site within the Description section of  the Admin|Settings|Project/Site|Sites menu.

Site Description module.


Site Image

Displays the site photo selected for the specified site within the Image section of the Admin|Settings|Project/Site|Sites menu.

Site Image module.


Site Latest Media

Displays the latest user-uploaded or automatically imported in to the project/site Gallery.

Site Latest Media module


Add photos to latest site media.


Single Site w/interactive graph

Displays a line graph which plots any number of the selected parameters available for a site.

Single Site w/Interactive Graph module.


Device Last Contact

Shows the last time the selected data logger made contact with WQData LIVE (diagnostically useful).

Device Last Contact module.


Parameter Data

Displays the latest reading for a specific project parameter. Additonally the module shows a bar graph below the reading based on the sensor min and max values set under the Admin|Settings|Parameter Settings menu. This menu is also where digits of display precision and unit conversion can be edited.

Parameter Data module.


Multiple Parameters Data

Creates a table containing the latest datapoints for all selected project parameters.

Multiple Parameter Data module.


Parameter Graph

Creates a fixed graph plotting one or more project parameters. Useful when like-parameters need to be compared at a glance (ex. Upstream vs. Downstream turbidity).

Parameter Graph module.



Displays the logos (and embedded website links) of project supporters. Logos and their associated URLs are uploaded  under the Admin|Public Portal|Sponsors menu.

Project Sponsors module.



Displays a summary of all user-configured alerts and alarms for systems within the WQData LIVE project.

Alarm module.