Changing Individual Sensor Logging Intervals

The Remote Device Configuration tool allows the user to input individual logging intervals for each sensor. This allows for reduced power consumption and personalization of the desired data.


  1. Access the Remote Device Configuration menu for the data logger on the WQData LIVE Project.
  2. Navigate to the Timed Data Acquisition section of the menu.
  3. Expand the listing for each sensor and enter in the desired data collection interval.
    1. Note: Increasing the logging frequencies of sensors will increase power demand for the system.
    2. Certain sensors take multiple minutes to record and process a reading. Verify the maximum sampling frequency of a device before increasing its frequency.

      In this example diagnostic logger data (battery voltage, internal humidity etc.), PT-500 water level, and 110WX weather station readings will be recorded every 30, 15, and 20 minutes, respectively.

  4. Ensure the Starting at field displays a past date and time. Otherwise the associated sensor will not begin recording readings until the listed time elapses.
    1. Averaging settings allows the user to setup the sensor to take multiple readings for every logged value. Learn more about X2 averaging option HERE.

  5. Click Save and ensure that the change(s) appears in the Command Queue at the bottom of the Remote Device Configuration menu.
  6. CLOSE the menu. The new logging interval(s) will take effect after the next scheduled transmission of the data logger
    1. The change will be immediately applied by disconnecting and re-applying power to the logger.