The CONNECT software’s X2 base radio utility can monitor the status of configured alarms on a WQDataLIVE project. When enabled, a radio base X2 can be tasked to turn on 12V power to its P2 sensor port whenever a WQDataLIVE alarm triggers. An external device connected to this port, such as a buzzer or beacon, can notify personnel of the alarm in the event that traditional methods of notifications (SMS or email) are not available.

Note: An active internet connection on the PC running the CONNECT software is required for data to be uploaded to WQData LIVE and local alarming to be processed.

  1. Locate the WQDataLIVE Project ID number. This appears as the first number in the URL for the page.

    WQData LIVE Project ID Number


  2. Navigate to Tool|Local Alarm in the Connect Software.

    CONNECT Local Alarm


  3. Enter the Project ID identified in Step 1, check the box to Enable local alarms, and click OK.

    Enable Local Alarm


  4. If desired the external 12V notification device can be tested by manually toggling on the X2 Base’s 12V sensor port power.

    Test 12V Local Alarm Toggle