Data from any X2 data logger can be downloaded using the CONNECT PC Utility and a UW6-USB-485P cable.

  1. Download the CONNECT utility here.
  2. Connect a UW6-USB-485P cable to the PC and open Window’s Device Manager to confirm the COM port.
    1. Note only COM ports 1-9 are recognized by the utility. If a higher COM port number is assigned, manually change this through Device Manager.

      Verify the UW6-USB-485P cable’s COM port in Windows Device Manager


  3. Run CONNECT.exe

    Run the CONNECT.exe program


    1. Depending on the operating system in use, Windows may screen the application. Select the ‘More Details’ option and choose ‘Run anyway’ to launch.

      Select ‘More info’

      Select ‘Run anyway’


  4. Select the proper COM port from the list. If the port is not listed, select Update Port List and verify that no open programs are reserving it.

    Select the UW6-USB-485P COM port


  5. Connect the plug-end of the USB cable into the center 6-pin port of the X2 data logger or the SOLAR/COM port of an X2-CB buoy.
  6. Click Upload Data to initiate the csv download of all data stored on the system.

    Select ‘Upload Data’ to begin a csv data download for the X2


    1. The CONNECT utility will identify the logger serial number and all active parameters prior to the start of the download.

      The X2 serial number is read and displayed at the start of the data upload or when the ‘Read Logger CFG’ option is selected


    2. A progress window displays (1) the current timestamp of the data being downloaded or operation status, (2) the parent directory on the PC where the csv file is being saved, and (3) the name of the csv file.

      File Download Progress display


  7. Once the download is complete a prompt will appear.

    Completed Upload


  8. Select Open Data Folder to jump to the csv location to access the files.

    X2 Logger Data Folder


  9.  The CONNECT utility names files based on the parameter names and default units.
    1. In a coming release, individual parameter csv files will be able to be merged into a single csv file for the X2.

      Individual Parameter csv data files


  10. Subsequent downloads from an X2 on the same PC will resume from the last downloaded data point and append the original csv file if present. If the data files are deleted or transferred out of the CONNECT data folder, starting another download will create a new csv (resuming from the same point).