X-Series Logger Data Flow

NexSens X-Series data loggers have multiple options to access data collected by the logger. Communication options for the X3 data logger include cellular, satellite, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a direct connection. The X2 data logger has an additional radio telemetry option. Telemetry models transmit data in real-time to the WQData LIVE web data center. All models include direct data download via Bluetooth (X3 only) or a direct cable. Direct data downloads are performed using the NexSens CONNECT software. The diagrams below outline how data is collected and transferred from the sensor to the user.

Note: X2 data loggers store data locally on a microSD card. X3 data loggers store data locally in internal memory.



Modems and SIM cards in X-Series data loggers work with all major U.S. and international carriers. Cellular systems are best utilized near cities and areas with strong cellular coverage.

Figure 1: Cellular data flow to WQData LIVE.



Iridium systems are best utilized in extremely remote locations that lack adequate cellular reception. These systems work globally as satellite coverage extends to nearly every location. X-Series loggers send iridium messages with measurement data to specified email servers, which are then collected and parsed by WQData LIVE every 5 minutes.

Figure 2: Iridium data flow to WQData LIVE.



Wi-Fi systems are best utilized if a local area network is on-site or within range of the deployment location. These systems save money on the annual costs of cellular or satellite services.

Figure 3: Wi-Fi data flow to WQData LIVE.



The X3 Environmental Data Logger includes connectivity to Bluetooth-compatible (BLE 5.0) devices. Bluetooth capability removes the need for a direct connect cable and provides more seamless uploads and downloads via the NexSens CONNECT software. NexSens recommends the tp-link Bluetooth 5.0 Nano USB Adapter as an affordable Bluetooth adapter option. 

Figure 4: Bluetooth connectivity with the CONNECT software.


Direct Connection

All X-series data loggers have a 6-pin port for power and communication. Users can download logged data directly via the CONNECT software and a UW6-USB-485P-DC cable.

Figure 5: Direct connection via the CONNECT software.