Install Batteries

The battery compartment of the X2-SDL data logger accomodates (16) D-Cell Alkaline batteries for system power.  These batteries should be replaced once the reported secondary power falls to 8V to avoid data collection interruption.

  1. Locate the white battery lid at the top of the X2-SDL.

    X2-SDL white battery lid.


  2. Rotate the lid counter-clockwise to remove it.
    1. Note: Due to the double O-ring lid seal this will take significant effort to loosen.
    2. The 3/16″ ball-point hex driver included in the X2-SDL maintenance kit can be inserted into either of the two recesses in the lid to provide extra leverage.

      The included hex tool can be used to provide additional leverage to turn the battery lid counterclockwise for removal.


      SDL battery lid removed.


  3. Note the polarity labels affixed to the inside of each battery tube prior to inserting fresh D-cell batteries.


    Reference the proper polarity for each battery tube and install fresh D-cell alkaline batteries.


  4. Thread the battery lid back on to the top bulkhead of the X2-SDL.

    Replace the battery lid.


  5. Rotate the lid clockwise and tighten securely using the hex driver.
    1. Once the large washer at the bottom of the white battery lid makes contact with the battery terminals, power will be applied to the X2-SDL and a buzzer will sound once confirming it is running.

X2-SDL data logger.