Replace G2-RAIN Internal Battery Pack

The G2-RAIN battery pack should be replaced once the reported system voltage drops to 6.2V or below.

  1. Purchase a G2-BAT-2D pack
  2. Remove the G2-RAIN from the 2″ NPT pole
  3. Rest the G2-RAIN on the rain gauge with the pipe threading facing up
  4. Power down the G2-RAIN-RTU by turning the power screw counterclockwise until the top of the O-ring can be seen

    Power down G2-Rain


  5. Remove the (4) 1/4-20 x 5/8″ socket head cap screws using a 3/16″ hex driver

    Remove bulkhead screws


  6. Carefully remove the G2-RAIN-RTU bottom bulkhead
    1. Note that the bulkhead is attached to the rain gauge by the cable so ensure it isn’t pulled too forcefully
    2. Do not touch the PCB as static shock can cause permanent damage to the device

      Expose G2-Rain bulkhead


  7. Disconnect the existing battery pack by gently pressing down on the clip and pulling the connectors apart

    Press tab to disconnect battery cable clip


  8. Cut the cable ties holding the G2-BAT-2D to the battery plate

    Cut old battery cable tie


  9. Place the new battery pack on the plate and secure with the included 11″ cable tie
  10. Connect the pack by gently pressing the connectors together
    1. Ensure the red wire aligns with the red wire and the black with the black

      Connect new battery pack


  11. Replace the G2-RAIN-RTU bottom bulkhead
      1. Check that the O-ring is free of debris and has sufficient O-ring grease


  12. Replace theĀ (4) 1/4-20 x 5/8″ socket head cap screws using a 3/16″ hex driver

    Re-seat bulkhead and tighten screws


  13. Power the G2-RAIN-RTU by turning the power screw clockwise until it stops

    Turn power set screw clockwise until hand-tight. Listen for a beep to signal the system powering on.


  14. After 1 minute ensure the WQData LIVE diagnostic parameterĀ Last Contact has a new time stamp.
    1. On a power cycle, the device automatically connects to WQData LIVE and checks for updates

      Check WQData LIVE Last Contact time


  15. Re-deploy the device


The battery pack should be disposed of properly. The pack contains Lithium Metal batteries and should be dealt with accordingly. Please check local regulations regarding the proper disposal of Lithium Metal batteries. Ensure all batteries are fully discharged before disposal to prevent possible explosions or fires.