How is a YSI EXO DCP Adapter wired for connection to an X2 data logger?
A YSI EXO1 or EXO2 sonde can be interfaced with an X2 data logger by connecting to a DCP adapter wired into a watertight junction box.

What are the NexSens 8-Pin UW Connector signal connections?
If connecting a NexSens UW8 connector to an external device that is not an X-Series data logger, below is the pinout of the NexSens UW8 connector, along with the pins associated with the communication, ground, and power signals.

Why is an EXO Sonde Not Detecting?
If a YSI EXO Sonde is not detecting on a NexSens X-Series data logger after following the integration guide, here are a few common reasons that should be reviewed.