TriOS Wiring for Connection to an X2 Data Logger

This article serves as a guide for wiring in a TriOS NICO UV Nitrate sensor and a W55 wiper for connection to an X2 data logger. This configuration typically occurs with a NexSens A50 Junction Box to protect all flying lead cables from environmental disturbances.


TriOS Sensor and Wiper Wiring

TriOS M12 to bare wire cable
Wire Color
TriOS M8 open end wiper cable
Wire Color*
SignalNexSens UW8-FLx cable**
Wire ColorUW Plug Pin
BlueBlack & BlueGroundBlack2
RedBrown & White12V PowerRed5
BrownRS-485 BBlue7
WhiteRS-485 AGreen8

*W55 mechanical wiper Quick Guide (page 5)
**NexSens UW8-FLx cable

NexSens UW8 plug pin numbering.