Configure communication/output settings of SVS-603-UW

The Seaview SVS-603 wave sensor, when integrated with the NexSens UW-housing, can be configured using a terminal emulator program and the included UW-USB-232R cable.

Connect to Terminal Emulator

  1. Download the free open source terminal program Tera Term  here.
      1. Select the link for the ‘teraterm-4.97.exe file’. The download will begin automatically.

        Select the teraterm-4.97.exe file for download.


      1. Complete the installation with the default components shown.

        Select the standard component installation.


        Complete the installation.


  1. Connect the UW-USB-232R cable to the PC.
    1. Allow Windows to download the driver automatically.
    2. Verify the COM port of the cable once the download is complete by viewing the Ports (COM & LPT) segment of Window’s Device Manager.

Verify the COM Port in Device Manager.


  1. Launch Tera Term. The following screen will appear. Click Cancel

Cancel and bypass this screen.


  1. Navigate to Setup|Serial Port and enter the COM port of the USB cable in addition to the other serial settings shown in the screenshot below and click OK.

Input these settings and the correct COM port.


  1. Connect the UW-plug end of the SVS-603 to the UW-receptacle end of the USB cable.


Verify Current Settings

All wave sensors shipping directly from SeaView will be configured with the following default settings that can be confirmed with the get all command:

SVS-603 Default Configuration retrieved from the ‘get all’ terminal command.


All wave sensors shipping from NexSens will be configured with the required settings (below) for integration with an X2-series data logger:

Required settings for communication with a NexSens X2-series data logger.


Configure Required Settings for X2 Communication

  1. Configure Communication Baud Rate for 9600, 8N1
    1. Send set baudser 9600 command to set

      Set baud rate.

    2. Send get baudser command to confirm.

      Confirm active baud rate.

  2. Enable Parameters for Output
    1. Send set outputser 00152427 to configure.

      For X2 integration, set the serial output to 00152427.

    2. Send get outputser to confirm

      Hex response indicating which parameters are enabled.

  3. Enable polling.
    1. Send set polling 1

      Enable polling.

    2. Send get polling to confirm.

      Current polling status (0=off, 1=on).


  4. Activate serial summary.
    1. Send set summaryser 0

      Set serial summary to zero.

    2. Send get summaryser to confirm.

      Confirm serial summary is set to zero.

  5. Once all required settings changes have been made, send the reset command followed by the get all command to verify the changes were committed properly.


Advanced Configuration Options

For deployments requiring integration with a 3rd party data logger, a complete list of supported terminal commands can be viewed by sending the help command.

Full list of supported SVS-603 terminal commands retrieved by the ‘help’ command.


Contact SeaView Systems to obtain a complete wave sensor manual including detailed explanations of each configuration option.