Measuring Dissolved Oxygen For Hydropower

American Municipal Power

In southwest Kentucky, the town of Smithland isn’t home to many people. Its population as of 2010 barely broke 300, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. But nevertheless, it is the namesake of a prominent dam operated by the U.S. […]
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Baseline Dissolved Oxygen Levels

American Municipal Power

Willow Island, West Virginia is a small community along the Ohio River. In 1978, it was probably best known as the location of a large, coal-burning power plant. But nowadays, the town has a future in hydropower. American Municipal Power […]
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Sippo Lake Water Quality

Friends of Stark Parks

Sippo Lake in Stark County, Ohio, is ideally located between two nearby cities, providing the residents of each with a peaceful place to camp, picnic or fish. The lake is also part of the Stark County Park District, which has […]
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Tracking Water Impoundment Levels

Gulfport Energy Corporation

Many energy companies are working throughout the shale gas regions of Pennsylvania and Ohio. One of these is Gulfport Energy, which has some prominent and high-producing wells in Belmont and Monroe Counties in Ohio. Both of the counties are ideally […]
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St. Clair & Detroit River Monitoring

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality

According to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), more than 4 million people rely on the Huron-to-Erie corridor for their drinking water. This corridor encompasses the St. Clair River and the Detroit River. Both of these rivers have been […]
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Buffalo River Shipping Channel Cleanup

Ryba Marine Construction

Over the course of several years, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency have worked with many governmental and nonprofit partners in addition to different companies to complete dredging work in a shipping channel of […]
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Developing Alaska Buoy Platform

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Recent studies into global climate change have identified an increase in Arctic warming rates. These are linked to increased trends toward more sea ice loss that are leading many to anticipate the Arctic will become a more popular shipping route. […]
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Northern Caspian Sea Dredging

Gravity Environmental Consulting

Kazakhstan is a country not often associated with having a shoreline, let alone a marine environment. However, in the western corner of Kazakhstan lies a section of coastline along the Caspian Sea. Through a network of rivers and channels, the […]
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Bermuda North Channel Dredging


Similar to how shipping vessels are getting larger and larger these days, cruise ships have too. Newly designed cruise vessels are longer, wider and packed with more amenities to give guests the best trips possible. But there are costs to […]
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Kadettangen Beach Construction Project

Cautus Geo

Not far from Oslo, Norway, a massive effort is underway to expand a public beachfront. The work is taking place along an area of Oslofjord called Kadettangen, a small peninsula that juts out into the bay. Once the work is […]
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