chicago park district cellular data buoys

Cellular Data Buoys Predict E. Coli

Chicago Park District

The Chicago Park district is one of the largest municipal park managers in the nation with 8,100 acres of green space spread across 580 different parks. It also manages many indoor facilities, historical landmarks and beaches. At eight of its […]
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lake data buoy

Suttle Lake Data Buoy

High Lakes Aquatic Alliance Foundation

For some time, sockeye salmon weren’t able to reach Oregon’s Suttle Lake due to barriers along the Deschutes and Metolius Rivers that kept them out. But thanks to recent remediation efforts, the lake has recently been seeing more sockeye migrating […]
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total suspended solids

Total Suspended Solids From Dredging

Tetra Tech

The Avalon Back Bay Maintenance Dredging Project, aimed to clear out portions of New Jersey’s Princeton Harbor and other surrounding harbors to maintain proper depths for shipping and recreation. The dredging project seeks to remove 120,000 cubic yards of material, […]
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lake nipissing algae

Lake Nipissing Algae Events

Nipissing University

Despite Lake Nipissing’s popularity as a destination for tourists and fishermen in Ontario, Canada, relatively little is known about nutrient availability for algae that sometimes blooms there. Luckily, several investigators at the University of Saskatchewan and Nipissing University are working […]
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emerald isle ferry lake michigan data

Emerald Isle Ferry Data

Central Michigan University

Though there are many data buoys floating around Lake Michigan, many of these are deployed in nearshore areas. There are still many offshore regions where scientists lack direct data from which to draw conclusions. One of these spaces is the […]
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best management practices

Chesapeake Bay Best Management Practices

Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Because of the roles that shallow areas play in supporting the health of Chesapeake Bay, including serving as productive regions full of grass beds and nursery grounds for juvenile fish, managers with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) are […]
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Liberty Island Restoration Project

U.S. Geological Survey

In 2010, a design for the Liberty Island Restoration Project was completed and implemented, creating open water channels, emergent tidal marsh lands and floodplain habitats to sustain water fluctuations. The work was done in an effort to help wildlife living […]
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Wetland Research And Management

Florida Gulf Coast University

Wetlands the world over are important for a lot of reasons. For one, they are predicted to help buffer the effects of rising sea levels predicted alongside other effects of climate change globally. But on a more local scale, wetlands […]
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Washington Reservoir Temperature Changes

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

There are many major rivers flowing through the Pacific Northwest. Like others around the country, they are outfitted with various dams and reservoirs that are used to control their movements, provide energy and maintain drinking water supplies for those living […]
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Cannelton Dam Hydroelectric Project

American Municipal Power

At four different sites along the Ohio River, American Municipal Power (AMP) Ohio is retrofitting old locks and dams operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to generate environmentally friendly hydropower. Many of these projects have broken ground over […]
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