Drinking water early detection system

Drinking Water Early Warning System

Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission

Drinking water supplies in the United States are an extremely valuable national asset and are vital to our country's survival. During the past few years, these resources have been thrust into the national spotlight as government agencies have placed an […]
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Turbidity Dredge Monitoring

Earth Tech

A large Midwest consulting firm was contracted to remove contaminated sediments from an embayment of Lake Michigan. The firm was required to monitor turbidity at two depths and five locations surrounding the dredge in order to ensure contaminated sediment levels […]
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real-time rainfall and river water quality data

Real-Time Rainfall and River Water Quality Data

Edge of Appalachia Preserve

Located in southwest Ohio, the Edge of Appalachia is the largest privately owned nature preserve in Ohio and provides critical habitat for rare species of plants and animals. Ohio Brush Creek, a tributary of the Ohio River, runs through the […]
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Restoring Floodplain Forests


The Lilly ARBOR Project is a floodplain forest restoration experiment along the White River in downtown Indianapolis. It has produced effective methods to restore river margins and improve water quality in central Indiana. Over the past five years, environmental research […]
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watershed monitoring

Watershed Monitoring

U S Department of Agriculture

In order to improve water quality and protect drinking water, researchers at the St. Joseph River Watershed in Indiana are working to identify best management practices that will reduce soil erosion and the amount of nutrients and chemicals in surface […]
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Regulatory Dissolved Oxygen Levels

American Municipal Power

Located on the east bank of the Ohio River in Belleville, West Virginia at the US Army Corps of Engineers' Belleville Locks and Dam, Belleville Hydroelectric is a municipality-owned, non-profit power plant. Hydroelectric plants provide a clean and renewable source […]
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