Submerged Sensors of Sebago Lake

Portland Water District

Sebago Lake is the second largest lake in Maine—one of the only lakes in the nation with clean enough water for use by a drinking water facility without filtration requirements. Residents of the Greater Portland area are the beneficiaries, and they are invested in maintaining their lake's health. A joint project between the Portland Water […]
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The Coral Reef Early Warning System (CREWS)

Central Caribbean Marine Institute (CCMI)

Corals around the world are under threat. The buoys of the Coral Reef Early Warning System (CREWS) help face that threat, providing the entire world with weather patterns and data about climate change from their home in the Caribbean Sea. Since June 2018, a new, state-of-the-art oceanographic buoy has added ocean state and weather data […]
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Lighter Buoys Mean Quicker, In-House Responses

NOAA Chesapeake Bay

The NOAA Chesapeake Bay Office runs an unusual set of buoys. NOAA’s Chesapeake buoys originated as part of the John Smith Water Trail—a kind of aquatic Appalachian Trail for boaters. Although the buoys are no longer used as interpretive trail markers, they are now part of a larger observing system of 10 full-time stations. Challenge: […]
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cellular data logger stone lab buoy

Stone Lab Buoy Tracks Algae

Ohio State University

Even before the Toledo Water Crisis, researchers at Stone Lab were concerned with the algae blooming in Lake Erie. With their location on the lake’s Gibraltar Island, it was easy for them to see the tides whipping up green stuff each day in the summer months. So long before the crisis, which took place in […]
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chicago park district cellular data buoys

Cellular Data Buoys Predict E. Coli

Chicago Park District

The Chicago Park district is one of the largest municipal park managers in the nation with 8,100 acres of green space spread across 580 different parks. It also manages many indoor facilities, historical landmarks and beaches. At eight of its most popular beaches, the district has used cellular data buoys, for four years, in an […]
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lake data buoy

Suttle Lake Data Buoy

High Lakes Aquatic Alliance Foundation

For some time, sockeye salmon weren’t able to reach Oregon’s Suttle Lake due to barriers along the Deschutes and Metolius Rivers that kept them out. But thanks to recent remediation efforts, the lake has recently been seeing more sockeyes migrating from the Pacific Ocean to spawn. That would be no problem if the lake had […]
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lake nipissing algae

Lake Nipissing Algae Events

Nipissing University

Despite Lake Nipissing’s popularity as a destination for tourists and fishermen in Ontario, Canada, relatively little is known about nutrient availability for algae that sometimes blooms there. Luckily, several investigators at the University of Saskatchewan and Nipissing University are working to fill the gap in understanding. Key to answering their questions is learning more about […]
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Liberty Island Restoration Project

U.S. Geological Survey

In 2010, a design for the Liberty Island Restoration Project was completed and implemented, creating open water channels, emergent tidal marsh lands and floodplain habitats to sustain water fluctuations. The work was done in an effort to help wildlife living in the California Delta as well as fish species including delta smelt and Chinook salmon. […]
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Buffalo River Shipping Channel Cleanup

Ryba Marine Construction

Over the course of several years, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency have worked with many governmental and nonprofit partners and different companies to complete dredging work in a shipping channel of the Buffalo River that runs into Lake Erie. This channel, like other stretches of the river, has […]
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Developing Alaska Buoy Platform

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Recent studies into global climate change have identified an increase in Arctic warming rates. These are linked to increased trends toward more sea ice loss that are leading many to anticipate the Arctic will become a more popular shipping route. Coinciding with this expected expansion in use, agencies in the U.S., including the National Oceanic […]
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