The industry's most advanced web datacenter.



Web-enabled data loggers automatically connect and stream data to WQData LIVE. Data is stored in the cloud and can be accessed from any PC or mobile device. Two-way communication allows the user to quickly configure settings or troubleshoot communications from anywhere.

Data Access

Easily access the most recent data or view a history of every data point collected with preset or custom time frame options. The ability to download or send data in various formats or set up auto-send schedules makes data sharing easy.

Field Notebook

A virtual notebook that provides fast, on the go note taking and data collecting. Custom forms allow for manual data entry and project based notebooks make collaboration easy. Integration with the web datacenter make it possible to view manually entered data and logged data side by side. Fieldbooks are viewable from any web enabled device thanks to the WQData LIVE cloud.

Media Gallery

Upload project or site photos to the cloud and view them from any device in the WQData LIVE media gallery. Connect a camera to any web enabled data logger and get photos and video from the field sent straight to the cloud whenever a reading is taken.


Alarms can be set up by defining conditions based on parameters from across multiple sites in a project. Options like trigger counts and reset conditions provide fine tuned control over each alarm. Setting up actions is as easy as entering the email addresses of the people that should be notified when an alarm goes off. Alarms can also be made public which will allow viewers to subscribe to receive push notifications directly to their mobile device through the LIVE Datacenter mobile app.


Interactive charts and info-graphics create data interaction capabilities unlike any other. Prebuilt templates allow for instant access to useful reports without confusing configuration options.

Public Portal

Enabling the public portal gives public viewers a glimpse into the data monitoring project. There are 4 main areas of the public portal and all can be enabled and configured individually of each other. A web view gives the project its own link for displaying data to the public. A presentation can also be set up to show project overview and site slides with all the latest data, map locations, and site images. For the mobile viewers, there is the LIVE Datacenter mobile app. Enabling access to the project through this app will place it in a list of other mobile, public projects and allow viewers to receive notifications from the project. For those that just want a simple list of the latest data readings to embed in a website, there is the web applet.

Site Maps

Advanced mapping tools allow sites to be geographically pinpointed and displayed in high-resolution. The most recent data from each site is easily viewed within the map.
OverviewServes as the homepage for WQData LIVE visitors. Project administrators can locate sites on the map, edit the Project Description, Project Photo and Data Disclaimer, and post a company, organization or project logo into the website header.
MapUses Google Maps interactive interface to display geographical location of project sites. Users can scroll and zoom through the map and mouse over sites to see the most recent data. Street maps, satellite imagery and terrain options are easily displayed.
SitesClicking on a mapped site or navigating to the Sites view shows the most recent data, information on the monitoring sensors, and a tabular data view that allows data to be sent via email or FTP.
FieldBookTaking the place of conventional pen and paper, the FieldBook allows collaborators to enter project notes, photos and complete calibration forms configured by project administrators.
MediaUpload photos or videos of project sites to provide users with visual reference of monitoring sites and to show interesting field observations. Projects with integrated video cameras can convey real-time site conditions.
ReportsAllows data to be displayed simultaneously in graphical and tabular format. Report templates are saved to quickly generate daily, weekly, monthly and other reports.
Public PortalCreates an html link to offer general access to project information including project description, site locations, and recent data sets. Public access can also be granted through a presentation view.
AdministratorProject administrators can add users as project administrators or collaborators, configure the theme and content of the website, create calibration forms and FieldBooks, and manage sites and data displays.